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"As You Are" New LGBTQ Initiative from Biden Foundation and SSW Institute for Innovation &

As You Are

As part of its family and community acceptance campaign, As You Are, and in partnership with the Institute for Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, the Biden Foundation published Tuesday an educational animated video about family acceptance for LGBTQ youth. Additionally, the video is featured prominently as part of the foundation’s new As You Are Resource Library, a clearinghouse of resources related to family and community acceptance.

The video, entitled “Support for LGBTQ Youth Starts at Home,” focuses on the impact of rejection that children, youth, and young adults can experience in their homes and provides examples and strategies to promote support, acceptance and affirmation of LGBTQ youth. The Biden Foundation and the Institute share a commitment to ensuring equal dignity and opportunity for all LGBTQ+ Americans, and were proud to collaborate on this educational resource.

“LGBTQ youth deserve to be loved, supported and protected by their families,” said Marlene Matarese, deputy director of the Institute. “We know, anecdotally and from research, that the health and well-being of LGBTQ young people is directly connected to their experience of love and acceptance in their homes. My hope is that we start to see more LGBTQ young people being accepted and affirmed to live ‘as they are’ as families have access to informative resources like this animated short. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Biden Foundation in creating this important video.”

The As You Are resource library includes a diverse collection of websites, reports, videos, and news articles for youth, families and caregivers, educators, social service providers, and others connected to the movement for family and community acceptance of LGBTQ people. The resource library also provides tools that community leaders, service providers, and organizations can use to institute inclusive and affirming practices in their networks.

“As we were developing the As You Are campaign, we knew it would be important to provide access to the numerous programs, resources and educational materials for LGBTQ young people, caregivers, allies, educators, and others,” said Emily Hecht-McGowan, director for LGBTQ equality at the Biden Foundation. “There is excellent work being done in this space, and it’s our goal to make sure that anyone interested in this work has access to the tools they need to seek help, learn more, and empower their own communities with greater acceptance and affirmation for LGBTQ young people.”

Resources include helpful links for LGBTQ youth and caregivers, as well as materials related to LGBTQ youth in foster care, those experiencing homelessness, HIV awareness and education, and more. Visitors to the site are encouraged to suggest additional resources they think should be included on the page, and to share with their networks.

Learn more about As You Are:

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Learn more about As You Are:

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