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UMSSW Lunch Time Research Seminar Thursday 1/31 Dr. Bethany Bray Latent Class Analysis

Please join us for the upcoming Lunch Time Research Seminar featuring Dr. Bethany Bray. DATE: Thursday, January 31st TIME: 12:15-1:45PM ROOM: 4E26 of SSW Bldg. 525 W. Redwood Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 **Pizza and refreshments will be provided** please RSVP by 1/29 to Presenter: Dr. Bethany Bray The Pennsylvania State University Associate Director, The Methodology Center Associate Research Professor, College of Health and Human Development Associate Training Director, Prevention and Methodology Training Program (PAMT) Presentation Topic: Dr. Bray will present her work on latent class and latent transition analysis. My research focuses on developing and applying advanced statistical methods to questions about the longitudinal development of substance use, with a special emphasis on the relation between substance use and the development of comorbid problem behaviors like gambling and risky sexual behavior. Toward that end, I work on longitudinal, latent variable modeling, including latent class, latent profile, and latent transition analysis, and their extensions. I collaborate with Stephanie Lanza and John Dziak extensively on this work. Recently, I have begun to focus on how to use innovative methods to address health disparities and health equity. I am particularly excited about a new collaboration with Michele Kipke, her team at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and Cara Rice. In addition to my research interests, I work extensively to disseminate innovative methods and to train the next generation of methodologists and prevention scientists. I lead The Methodology Center's Dissemination, Software, and Technology Core, and I serve as Associate Training Director of the Prevention and Methodology Training Program (PAMT). LINK to her bio: We look forward to having you join us for Dr. Bray’s presentation! Don't forget to rsvp

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