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SSW Study: Exposure to Police Violence Linked to Suicide Risk, Psychosis

police lights

The School of Social Work’s Competitive Innovative Research Program funded research that's the topic of a story in the American Psychiatric Association's Psychiatric News website.

"Exposure to Police Violence Linked to Suicide Risk, Psychosis," found that experiencing police violence is associated with a higher risk for suicide attempts, suicidal thinking, and psychotic experiences, according to a study published in JAMA Network Open. The study, which was based on a cross-sectional, general population survey of 1,000 residents of Baltimore and New York City from October through December 2017, also suggests that people of color and sexual minorities are more likely to experience police violence.

Authors of the study include Maryland Post Docotral Fellow Hyun-Jin Jun, PhD alum Dr. Lisa Fedina, Dean Richard Barth, and former SSW faculty member Jordan DeVylder.

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