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Thank You - "Black Lives Taken Vigil"

Greetings, On behalf of the SGA I want to Thank the School of Social Work community for supporting the Black Lives Taken Vigil on Monday, November 26. I hope that the vigil resonated with each of you in a way that you may remain committed to fulfilling the mission of the Social Work profession. The vigil would not have been what it was without a team of hard working and committed individuals. I want to personally thank the planning team, for your dedication to organizing the event. Tierra Best Dean Gioia Chelsea Gray Lauren Highsmith Arriel Humphrey Tiffany-Ann Osong Raysheen Spivey Alex Swales Ms. Theresa Washington Ms. Deborah Woolford In addition, I want to thank each of the people noted below for how you also contributed to the event. Matt Conn Justin Hannah Sandra Little Tom Mitchell Devon Prater Dean Shafer Best Regards, Geneen Godsey, SGA President “Be the change you wish to see in the world”- Gandhi

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