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B' more for Healthy Babies Promise Heights at Maryland ACOG meeting


Stacey Stephens, LCSW-C Clinical Instructor and Director of B'more for Healthy Babies Upton/Druid Heights, UMSSW Promise Heights along with colleagues Sinmidele Badero and Cathy Costa MSW, MPH of the Baltimore City Health Department presented “An Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Approach to Eliminating Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality” at the Maryland ACOG meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland. The group presented an over of the Fetal-Infant Mortality Review process for preventing infant mortality and eliminating unjust disparities in infant mortality and explained the connection between the racial disparities in infant mortality and exposure to racism. They concluded the presentation by giving illustrations of how obstetrics and gynecology can be active participants in the collective work to improve birth outcomes by disrupting the status quo and transforming provider practices to support healthier outcomes for women of color.

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