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Assoc. Prof Frey presented twice at Kevin's Song & PBS documentary featuring her work shown


Dr. Frey was one of the influential leaders working to prevent suicide throughout Michigan that was featured in the PBS documentary, "Singing Kevin's Song". The documentary, which featured Frey’s CDC-funded project Healthy Men Michigan, aired November 2nd and 7th on regional PBS stations throughout Michigan and was shown at a special reception during Kevin's Song Conference on Suicide Prevention. The documentary is archived here: Frey is proud to have a strong partnership with Kevin's Song, a nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness about the causes of suicide and preventing further suicide deaths. She was among the reputable list of presenters at its third annual conference on suicide. This conference focused on suicide as a public health problem with profound human and economic costs to individuals, families, communities, and society. Frey participated on two panel presentations. Jodi presented during the first panel, “Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention in the Workplace Through Wellness and Employee Assistance Programs,” where she was joined by Kerri Ploeg, Corporate Health Manager at Herman Miller Company, Nicole Brown, Program Management and Talent Development at Quicken Loans, and Rachel Knapp, Team Leader of Wellness at Quicken Loans. Frey also presented on a panel titled “For Those Who Think of Sirens as Driving Music: Suicide Prevention for First Responder Populations,” where she was joined by Chris Carter, Police and Fire Department Chaplain at Dewitt Township and Sgt. Jeremy James, Training Coordinator at the Detroit Police Training Center, Prosteach LLC.

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