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Take Part in UMB's Commencement Ceremony!


There are a number of opportunities for student participation in Commencement ceremony on May 16, 2019. Those opportunities include, student speaker, anthem performer, and musical video stars! While we won’t hold auditions until next March for the speaker and anthem vocalist. Anyone with questions, should contact Nancy Gordon or by phone at 410-706-2024.

Student Speaker

The commencement ceremony features a student who will deliver a 3- to 5-minute speech on behalf of all the graduates.

National Anthem

A graduating student or student group will be chosen to perform the national anthem at Commencement. There is a brass quintet that can accompany the performance. Auditions will be held in early March.

Student Video

There will be a friendly competition for a student-produced video set to music that will be featured during the Commencement program. Runner-up videos will be shown in on the big screens before the ceremony begins.

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