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Implementation and Impact of Results-Based Accountability Learning: Successes and Challenges With Hu

The SSW's Karen Hopkins, Megan Meyer, Amy Cohen-Callow, Nicole Mattocks, and Jenny Afkinich are authors of "Implementation and Impact of Results-Based Accountability LearningSuccesses and Challenges With Human Service Professionals of Color in Urban Agencies" which has been published in Race and Justice.

ABSTRACT A foundation–university partnership was developed to expand the bench of human service professionals (HSPs) of color trained in performance management with the results-based accountability (RBA) framework. Interviews and survey data reflect the RBA learning, application, and implementation experiences among three cohorts of HSPs of color (n = 39) representing a variety of urban nonprofit and public agencies (n = 35) in a metropolitan area. The HSPs reported valuable training experiences that provided an opportunity to make a greater impact within their organizations. However, some found the training to be missing a strategy on how to manage RBA in their work organizations. The participants reported appreciating the peer coaching process for its mutual support structure, focus on application, and the opportunity to network with others doing similar work across the region. The most common barrier reported by the HSPs was that they did not hold high enough leadership positions or have enough authority within their organizations, a common scenario for women of color in particular, to enact substantial change in performance management agencywide. Moving forward, strategies are needed to improve the implementation of RBA into urban nonprofit and public agencies and support the upward mobility of HSPs of color to oversee performance results using RBA.

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