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SSW Professor Emeritus Dr. Dale Masi Receives “Ad Laudem Dei” Medal

dale masi

At a dinner on Saturday, October 20th in New York at the College of Mount St. Vincent, Professor Emeritus Dale Masi (shown here on right) was awarded the Ad Laudem Medal.

The President of the College, Charles Flynn, explained the medal is “given in recognition for professional achievements of national significance and illustrates that service is not a supplemental activity but rather an approach to the responsibilities of work” The award is given for extraordinary achievement in Humanities, Religion and Education.

Dr. Masi taught for twenty-two years at the SSW and directed the Employee Assistance Specialization. The author of fifteen books and more than seventy articles dealing with EAPs, evaluation, and various mental health issues, Dr. Masi holds a doctorate from the Catholic University of America and was the recipient of a post-doctoral research award from the American Association of University Women. She was a Fulbright Scholar and Specialist to England, Italy, Hong Kong, and Japan, and has lectured in over 45 countries.

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