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Midterm Reminder of Student Counseling Services Available on Campus


As we head into the final half of the semester, I want to make certain that students remember the Office of Student Services in 2W14 is here for added support. Please stop by to schedule an appointment or call x67765. There are walk-in student counseling appointments Monday through Friday at 1:30 in the Student Counseling Center located in HS/HSL (the library) on the 4th floor. This is confidential and free to you and there are excellent counselors there. You can call 410 328 8404 if you would prefer to schedule an appointment.

Also, the university has contracted with after hours services and on weekends – just to be able to talk things through. You call the same number 410 328 8404 and press “0”.

They have stress management workshops coming up which might give you a few ideas about juggling all your important tasks and deadlines. There is a wellness hub on that gets more active from midterms to finals to help students find that important balance.

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