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'91 Grad Kaoru Ichikawa Named EAP Global Champion


Kauro Ichikawa, MSW, PhD, '91, was honored with the EAP Global Champion Award by the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

Dr. Kaoru Ichikawa started her EAP career as an internal EAP counselor of Motorola in Japan, and later became an Asia Pacific EAP director. Since 2002, She has been an executive vice president of a leading EAP vendor in Japan, JEAP Peacemind Inc. She has been promoting EAP among Japanese industry as a core Human Resource and Management strategy.

  • Established CEAP-I professional certification in Japan in 2007.

  • Providing EAP consultant development course since 2002.

  • Translated the EAP program standards by Council on Accreditation (NY) in 2003.

  • Having been a director at large for International Employee Assistance Professional Association Inc. since 2012.

  • Teaching EAP course at Tokyo University, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan and Kyoto Bunkyo University as adjunct lecturer.

  • Leading Research team at International EAP Research Institute since 2011.

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