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The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) has partnered with Student Success to provide the “Not Anymore” Primary Prevention Program. “Not Anymore” is an interactive online program designed to educate about the prevention of sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, and stalking. This training must be completed by Oct. 31, 2018. Please know, this training, by its nature, addresses issues of sexual harassment, misconduct, and violence. If you have concerns, questions, or would like additional information regarding the training, please contact Mikhel Kushner, UMB’s Title IX Coordinator, by telephone at 410-706-1852 or via email at The program can be accessed through the Title IX Training page on the Office of Accountability and Compliance Website ( The training is accessed using your UMID username and password. Employees may also enter the program directly through the Learning Hub (LMS). If you know or suspect a member of the UMB community has been the victim of, or has perpetrated, sexual misconduct, including harassment, assault, stalking, or other sexual violence, please use the UMB Hotline to report the incident(s). You can access the Hotline electronically or by calling 866-594-5220.

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