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Become a 2019 Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Fellow

Established in 2017, the Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program (BNLP) is a one-of-a-kind initiative led by the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute that aims to equip emerging leaders, who are well positioned to address community problems, with the knowledge, tools, skills, and mentorship to:

  • Improve neighborhood health outcomes and engage their communities;

  • Identify key issues within their neighborhoods;

  • Conduct needs assessments and issue identification that emphasizes learning from the community;

  • Deconstruct issues by identifying relevant pieces of the issue that can be changed or improved;

  • Measure and develop outcomes for change and systems of accountability.

With the assistance and guidance of the BNLP committee and core instructors Fellows are able to:

  • Identify goals and dedicate a year to accomplishing them;

  • Be engaged in their own learning through self-study, discovery learning, case studies, and a variety of other strategies;

  • Engage with and learn from a diverse group of emerging leaders from across Baltimore;

  • Receive mentoring, coaching, and technical assistance to help guide them in meeting their learning goals.

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