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Maryland's Department of Human Services Helps Funds the Institute's Children's Quality S

The UMSSW's Institute for Innovation & Implementation has received financial support from the Maryland Department of Human Resources to develop a new service initiative.

The Institute will be supporting the Maryland Department of Human Resources with the development and execution of a children’s quality service reform initiative (QSRI), which will include the development of a revised rate-setting process that for Maryland child placement agencies, residential child care providers, and selected non-residential service providers.

The Institute, including Michelle Zabel (PI), Deborah Harburger (Project Director), Kathryn Baxter, Suzanne Fields, Jennifer Lowther, Elizabeth Manley, and Melissa Schober, will be providing technical assistance to the State Agencies and providers as well as providing policy, regulatory, and Medicaid State Plan support; informing rate development; developing service specifications and performance metrics; and, providing project management.

The QSRI will create new opportunities and appropriate reimbursement for innovative provider approaches that align services and placement opportunities with the State’s priorities, including serving children in family environments that can address their individualized needs.

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