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Treasurer Needed for United Students of African Descent (USAD)

USAD's primary purpose: 1. To address the concerns of students from diverse cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds, with particular emphasis on students of African and African-American descent. 2. To serve as a forum to hear and address the collective concerns of students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 3. To enable students of African descent to network with professional students from all of the various professional schools and programs at University of Maryland, Baltimore. 4. To provide a support system for these students. 5.To develop professional leaders within the campus community who will serve as role models and mentors for our youth in the community-at-large. 6. To increase consciousness and sensitivity to the needs and issues of students of African descent and other cultural groups. The duties of the Treasurer shall include: 1. Planning and overseeing fund-raising activities. 2. Overseeing all the expenditures required for the efficient running of the organization. 3. Working with the Executive Committee to establish a proposed budget. 4. Making a monthly financial report at meetings and maintaining all financial records. 5. Complete and submit USAD funding request. 6. Attend all USGA funding meeting and presenting USAD applications for funding to the USGA. Benefits of membership: 1. Affiliate members get in all USAD events for free. 2. Members get to know other members with similar concerns. 3. USAD provides members an avenue to enforce change. If interested, please email Tierra Best at

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