Dr. Julie Gilliam to present at the Social Work, Education and Social Development Conference in Dubl

Dr. Julie Gilliam will be presenting at the Social Work, Education and Social Development Conference in Dublin, Ireland on July 4th and 7th. Dr. Gilliam will be presenting a poster presentation on how to "Develop and Deliver Powerful Messages that Resonate in Education & Research." Gilliam will also be presenting on "A Demonstration of SHAR (Showing the How of Applications Realistically) Toolset for Human Service Professionals." The National Association of Social Workers, Association of Social Work Boards, Council of Social Work Education, and the Clinical Social Work Association devised the 2017 technology standards for Social Work Practice. The emphasis of the document clarifies how social workers should implement technology to fulfill the needs of the greater good. Though the guidelines are thorough, the knowledge of what specific tools are available and aligned for human service professional are absent in this document. In order to provide sustainability of these technology standards, a central repository of applications prototype called SHAR (Showing the How of Applications Realistically) for Human Service Professionals will be demonstrated during the presentation. SHAR will provide applications aligned with the technology standards and code of ethics. SHAR will also illustrate the “how” to use the applications to further the technology skills of the human service professionals.


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