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Community School Interns at Eutaw-Marshburn


YouthWorks is a 5-week youth employment program for 14-15 year old in Baltimore City. For the third year, Promise Heights in partnership with Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary will host a team of 15 youth as Community School Interns.

The goals of our program include: * Developing written and verbal communication skills * Developing and completing a school beautification service learning project * Conducting a need community needs assessment *2-3 YouthWorkers from our team will support math instruction, chaperone field trips, and assist teachers with the preparation of materials with The Judy Center summer camp Youth will participate in career exploration in the media arts through the creation of a social justice media projects. Past project have included and mini documentary flim about the Upton Druid Heights neighborhood, Community Visions , and a youth perspective on community violence, BMore Authentic Youth will put these skills to practice through working on college essays, resumes, visiting college campuses such as Morgan State, Coppin State, and University of Maryland Baltimore. Youth will participate in lessons that ask them to role play and discuss real life situations while building team cohesiveness. Through YouthWorks youth will also participate in a financial literacy workshop that will support the development of life skills. Youth will research the neighborhood through oral stories, news, and the collection of statistics. The culminating project will be a presentation of their work to community stakeholders.

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