SSW's Everett Smith Presented Last Friday on Solutions for Families Stuck and Stressed

everett smith

Faculty Field Instructor Everett Smith, LGSW, presented Friday at the "Putting Our Arms around It: Tools for Working with Complex Cases in Complex Times" Conference for Professionals Working with Older Adults and their Families taking place in Hagerstown, MD.

Smith's presentation was titled "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT – Solutions for Families Stuck and Stressed." He discussed how The Systemic Family Development Model (SFD) incorporates key components of systems theory, family stress theory, and a multigenerational approach to family development. The presentation approaches a family from SFD perspective to identify how stressors, family processes, and multigenerational developmental tasks intersect and maintain dysfunction. A solution-oriented brief family therapy approach guides family toward use of family’s resources to adapt to stressors and changing roles.