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Associate Professor Corey Shdaimah Presents at Clinical Law School Conference


Associate Professor Corey Shdaimah presented at the Association of American Law Schools' 41st Annual Conference on Clinical Legal Education with Toby Guerin, JD, Clinical Instructor and Managing Director with the Center for Dispute Resolution at Maryland Cary Law.

Their paper, part of a presentation entitled "Interdisciplinary Experiences from Clinic to the Classroom: It's Easier Than You Think," described their collaboration with Assistant Professor Marg Hammersla from the University of Maryland School of Nursing. For the past two years, they have brought together groups of students from all three schools to participate in an exercise that is embedded in their respective curricula reviewing, analyzing, and responding to a bill before the Maryland General Assembly relevant to students from all three schools. The bills this year and last have focused on proposed responses to the state's opioid crisis.

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