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Scholars Strategy Network- Request for Policy Proposals

Do you have a policy idea? Submit proposals by June 15th! When new policymakers take office in the next few years, what policies should they work to pass? SSN wants your ideas. Well-crafted policies do more than just address pressing problems; they help build coalitions, change citizens’ views of government, and reduce obstacles to further reform efforts. Researchers call these mechanisms policy feedback. As part of a project I am working on with Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, SSN is calling for one-to-three paragraph proposals for policy ideas that have the potential to generate positive policy feedback. Jacob, Paul, and I are looking for ideas in the following categories: • Criminal Justice • Healthcare • Energy and the Environment • Good jobs in all communities • Education • Political reform (e.g., election reforms, rules reforms) Strong proposals will be shared with policymakers, discussed on the SSN podcast, and published on You may also be invited to present your ideas directly to policymakers, civic leaders, journalists, and other scholars. I look forward to hearing from you. The deadline is June 15th. Sincerely, Hannah Reuter Associate Director of Policy

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