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George Washington University Health Workforce Institute Survey of Individuals Completing a Social Wo

To better understand the trends in the work and practice experiences of social workers, eight major social work organizations have come together to engage the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute (GW-HWI) to conduct a survey of individuals completing a social work degree in 2018. The intention of these organizations (and this study) is to be able to tell policy makers, funders of fellowships, scholarships, and internships, and the general public of all the ways that social workers serve society.

The Social Work Graduate Survey will be distributed in September 2018 using an individualized link emailed to participants. GW-HWI is inviting you to participate in this survey. If you are interested, please provide them with an email address that will still be valid in September using the link below. Please respond by 7:00 p.m. EDT on May 18, 2018. GW-HWI will then contact you at that email address in September to take the survey.

Your participation in the survey in September and your decision to register for it now are entirely voluntary. Registering for the survey now does not require you to complete the survey in September. If you do complete the survey in September, all of your responses will be kept confidential and reports and papers based on analysis of this information will only use aggregated survey data. Although GW-HWI will ask for your email address, name and social work program when you click on the link above, this information will be kept separate from the survey responses you give in September and will not be linked to them in any way. Your email address will be deleted from their records at the end of the study unless you agree otherwise.

In appreciation of your participation in this important study, a $20 Amazon gift card will be available for 1,500 respondents; all other respondents will be included in a drawing for one of five $200 gift cards!

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