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Complimentary signed copies of “One of Us: Sex, Violence, Injustice. Resilience, Love, Hope” for the

one of us

UMB Event for Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Happening Monday, April 30, in room 2E14, 12:15-1:30pm. Complimentary signed copy for the first 30 individuals who register! Free food! RSVP: With this autobiographical narrative of the military judicial system experience as a civilian victim of sexual assault, Sandi Giver has vividly brought to light the challenges of seeking legal justice when all odds are against the victim. Giver takes the reader from the night of the assault in Uganda as a Peace Corps Volunteer to a Norfolk, Virginia, courtroom recounting intimate details to help protect others from a sexual predator. At a time where Peace Corps was under scrutiny for not supporting victims of sexual assault and the military for not keeping alleged perpetrators accountable, this case was the perfect storm. Join student, survivor, and data-driven storyteller Sandi Giver on Monday, April 30th, as she shares with fellow students and faculty her experience starting with the personal impact of sexual violence expanding to the systemic issues and what we can do in our personal and professional lives.

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