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Movie Premiere: "Visions of Warriors" with Director Ming Lai

Join the Continuing Professional Education Department in welcoming the film and discussion of "Visions of Warriors," with Director Ming Lai. Category II CEUs will be offered, just $30 for 3 credits, and if you don't need CEUs, it's free admission!

"Visions of Warriors" enters the minds of four veterans from the Vietnam War era to the Iraq War, who are battling against their debilitating mental illnesses and strive to overcome their intensive medical treatments. They participate in the groundbreaking Veteran Photo Recovery Project at the VA Menlo Park, and use innovative photography to treat their moral injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, military sexual trauma, and other mental illnesses. Use the link to register now! Call the Continuing Professional Education Department for more information at (410) 706-1839 or email

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