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PhD student Xu authors paper with Ahn and Harrington

PhD student Yangfeng Xu, along with SSW Associate Professor Haksoon Ahn and the late Donna Harrington, are co-authors of "Predictors of non-U.S. born mothers' parenting stress across early childhood in fragile families: A longitudinal analysis," which has been published in Children and Youth Services Review.


The transition into motherhood is a life stressor, and it can be more stressful for non-U.S. born mothers because of the intersections among migration, limited financial capabilities, and less social and family support to take care of children (Dreby, 2015; Falicov, 2007; Paris, 2008). This study examined the predictors of non-U.S. born mothers' parenting stress across early childhood using data from the Fragile Families and Child Well-Being Study. Results of the longitudinal multilevel analysis indicated that support from extended family and friends; mothers' involvement, depression, age, and education; children's temperaments; and Asian race were significant predictors of maternal parenting stress over time. However, fathers' involvement did not significantly predict maternal parenting stress. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

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