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Disability Law Symposium March 22-23

Nearly twenty percent of the population has a disability. As social workers, understanding the laws, policies, and institutional biases that perpetuate systemic discrimination against people with disabilities is important to working with this population. The tenBroek Disability Law Symposium, to be held at the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore on March 22-23, will address many of these issues of interest to social workers and students. The event will bring together law professors, lawyers, and policy advocates who will discuss topics including: discrimination against tenants with disabilities; the impacts of integration of students with disabilities into the public education system; discrimination in employment against persons with disabilities; law enforcement and disabilities; and disparities in healthcare. Symposium information and online registration ($25 for students) is available at the following link: This is the first in a series of efforts by SWCOS and the Community Organization SWOA 704.01 class to highlight disability rights and social worker engagement.

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