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UM SSW HEALS Scholars Return From Annual Policy Summit

HEALS Scholars in DC

The School of Social Work's cohort of HEALS Scholars - MSW Elizabeth Gill, MSW Clare Donofrio, BSW Evan Martin, and BSW Kalyn Crocetti, along with their HEALS peers from around the US recently completed a two-day policy summit in Washington, DC.

The University of Maryland Social Work Healthcare Education and Leadership Scholars (UM-HEALS) program is a clinical skills and leadership training program for BSW students and advanced year MSW students interested in healthcare service delivery to vulnerable populations. The UM-HEALS program is one of 10 sites across the nation that is funded by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Annually, two BSW HEALS Scholars and two MSW HEALS Scholars are selected to receive interprofessional development opportunities, specialized seminars, focused coursework, a $4000 Stipend, and travel funds to attend a policy, education, and networking event in Washington, DC, with other HEALS scholars across the country.

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