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Bringing Marginalized Voices to the Center: A Policy Forum on Gender-Based Violence

This forum will bring together a panel of Baltimore-based community organizations to highlight marginalized voices in the current national conversation on gender-based violence, including trends in the #metoo and #whyistayed movements.

April 18, 2018 4:00pm-6:00pm UMMC Shock Trauma Auditorium (22 S. Greene St.)

Panelist perspectives on sexual violence, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence against women with disabilities, women veterans, transgender women, Latina immigrant and undocumented women, and women in low-wage work will be presented, including potential policy solutions to end gender-based violence. This event will be moderated by the School of Social Work's Professor Victoria Stubbs. The event is open to all of UMB and the greater Baltimore community. UMMC Shock Trauma Auditorium is located at 22 S. Greene Street. Visitors can enter through the Main Shock Trauma entrance on Lombard St. Register here for this free event:

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