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Black History 365: Honoring a legacy of Knowledge, Strength, Wisdom, Courage and the spirit of unity

This platform is an opportunity to showcase and highlight people of African decent in the field of social work in addition to individuals working towards social justice.

Shawna Murray-Browne

“I noticed the scarcity of safe space for teen girls of color to express themselves, engage healthily with their peers, develop skills for womanhood and learn about Black History; so I created it.”—Shawna Murray-Browne Shawna Murray-Browne Shawna is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and is using the profession of Social Work to serve as a vehicle to deliver positive change. Social Work allows Shawna to share the spirit of healing and empowerment for women of color. Her exemplary achievements throughout primary and high school propelled her to college. Earning her Bachelor of Science in the area of Criminology and Family Studies from University of Maryland College Park laid the academic foundation towards fulfilling her passion. Successful matriculation during her undergraduate studies, afforded Shawna the opportunity to advance her education, ultimately resulting in earning a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Maryland Baltimore. Witnessing the devastating generational impact that trauma has on communities of color ignited a passion to support others in healing from their traumatic experiences. Shawna’s passion and acknowledgement for the need to address this social problem that hinders communities of color from attaining self-efficacy, spiritual healing and a quality of life, propelled her even further. Studying the patterns of trauma beyond the traditional academic realm resulted in successfully completing an advanced level training in Mind-Body Medicine at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Becoming a Licensed LCSW-C, QiGong instructor and a Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner has allowed her to develop and facilitate an integrative psychotherapy approach in order to address the affects of trauma. Her commitment to analyzing the patterns of trauma, lead her to launch a private practice- Kindred Wellness. A desire to cultivate sacred community healing space motivated her to create “The #HealASista” project. This project is designed to provide a safe space for women and female children of color to engage in various integrative forums and discussions that will support them in igniting and re-igniting a sense of value, self-love and empowerment. Utilizing an integrative psychotherapy approach shifts the services that Kindred Wellness offers from transactional to transformational for the individual, their family and communities. Shawna Murray-Browne is not only a graduate of University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work she is an exemplary Social Worker who we take the time to honor. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight African Americans and organizations, who have made an impact within the Social Work Profession as well as those who fight against racial injustice.

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