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Corey Shdaimah Published in Texas Law Review- Online Edition


Associate Professor Corey Shdaimah published an article in the Texas Law Review Online Edition.

The article was an invited response to an article by Amy Cohen's article analyzing three iterations of New York City's prostitution diversion programs over the past 100 years. According to Shdaimah, Cohen’s portrayal reveals similarities among prostitution diversion program across historical eras. US society remains disapproving of sex work, using the criminal justice system to punish those who sell sex even when we see them as victims.

Prostitution diversion programs are important resources for many of the people who participate in them, particularly when compared to current alternatives. It remains unclear whether they will lead to wider change that will expand the options or enhance the well-being of the women who currently engage in sex work.

Amy Cohen’s review shows us that what is most likely to change in different historical moments is the individualized pathology identified as the “cause” of women’s illegal actions. Over the decades, however, individual women and their behavior remain the constant target for change rather than the social or economic forces that circumscribe their choices and compromise their safety and well-being. The article can be read online at

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