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Frey, Imboden and Others Published in Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health

Dr. Jodi Jacobson Frey, Associate Professor and Chair of the EAP Sub-Specialization, along with John Pompe, PsyD, Dave Sharar, PhD, UMB Doctoral Student, Rachel Imboden, MSW, and SSW Alumnus Lauren Bloom, MSW, MPP have a new paper published in Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health that explores experiences of internal and hybrid employee assistance program (EAP) managers with regard to the ever-changing landscape of employer-sponsored programs such as EAPs.

Using data from qualitative interviews with EAP leaders, Frey, et al. found that internal and hybrid EAPs have an important role in supporting employees and employers in critical workplace concerns such as workplace critical incidents, behavioral health, worker productivity and more. More details can be found at

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