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Frey Quoted in U.S. News Article "How Can Men Fight the Stigma of Dealing With Mental Health Pr

Associate Professor Jodi Jacobson-Frey, PhD, is quoted in a U.S. News article that explored how the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is funding the University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Social Work to evaluate a Michigan suicide-prevention program for men.

From the article: There's an old truism that men take better care of their cars than they do of their own health. Men are notoriously reluctant to ask for any kind of help, and that is especially true when it comes to mental health. Though the stigma of mental illness has certainly been lessened over the past several years, it remains stubbornly strong among men, who are typically averse to admitting to any problem and convinced they can "handle" anything themselves.

But an interesting program in Michigan is looking at ways to break through those obstacles and get men to seek professional help.

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