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Shah-Nelson to Keynote at Online Learning Professionals Conference

Later this month in Pittsburgh, Assistant Dean for Instructional Design & Technology Clark Shah-Nelson will be the keynote speaker at the OLC Collaborate Conference. The conference gathers online learning professionals, educators,and administrators to address the opportunities and challenges they all face in online higher education today.

Shah-Nelson will address, "From Manuals to Micro-credentials and Nanodegrees: Developing, Opening and Sharing Organizational Knowledge." In just a few decades, the ways we communicate with one another both in and out of the workplace have rapidly evolved. We now have the choice of completing virtual degrees, and the workforce is also increasingly more virtual, with global teams and even entirely virtual companies. With the ability to search for, learn and share knowledge about most any topic instantaneously and throughout our entire lives, what impact does this have on workforce training and development? What are proven strategies, technologies and resources that facilitate development, innovation, growth, and the sharing of organizational knowledge? Which practices and technologies are currently helping organizations develop an agile, diverse, and adaptable workforce and which are on the horizon?

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