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Volunteer Opportunity with City and County Schools

Interested in a volunteer opportunity with students? United Way will be helping our 3 partner schools (2 elementary/middle schools and 1 high school) with report card conferences. We are looking for caring adults to go over students’ report cards with them, celebrate their accomplishments and encourage them as they start the second half of the school year! Our social work skills would be perfect when talking to students about their grades, goals and plans for the future. We have multiple dates and 2 different shifts per day.

Shifts: • Shift 1: 8:30am – 12noon • Shift 2: 12noon – 3:00pm Dates: • February 7 • February 9 • February 12 • February 21 • Tentative dates: February 14, February 16 If you are interested in finding out more information or volunteering for one or more days please email me at Thanks!

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