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Degree Candidate and Licensure Letter - MAY 2018 GRADUATES ONLY

MSW Degree candidates may apply to the BSWE for licensure examination in their final semester. A sealed letter verifying that the degree candidate is in their final semester must be provided with the application. The SSW Office of Records and Registration will provide this official letter for Maryland application to all students who have submitted a Graduation Application (Spring 2018) through SURFS with the UMB Registrar's Office. The letter will be completed following the graduation application deadline of February 4, 2018 and will be distributed beginning February 12, 2018 (distribution information will be announced in the Daily Bulletin). NOTE: This letter does not constitute an official transcript review. Students are responsible for making sure they have met all requirements for graduation. Degree candidates requiring a letter for states Other Than Maryland should submit a request online at: Any questions, contact the SSW Office of Records and Registration at

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