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Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy Honored

Furman L Templeton Preparatory Academy

Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy, an elementary school served by the School's Promise Heights Initiative, has been recognized by the Maryland State Department of Education as one of only seven new schools to be designated as Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) schools.

Dean Richard Barth, a founding member of the public charter school's Board expressed his pride in this important indicator of the school's progress. "Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy now has excellent leadership, a great climate, and a dedicated and high-quality teaching corps that will undoubtedly deliver a great GATE program for the wonderful students at FLTPA."

(photo caption: Bronwyn Mayden, Executive Director of Promise Heights with Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy students)

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