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We are all Student X

Sexual harassment and abuse of power in higher education harm all of us- we are all Student X. As members of academic communities, we are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment due to our close-knit professional networks, university cultures that encourage silence, and power imbalances in faculty-student relationships. Professors, students, and staff across academic disciplines are beginning to share their stories and speak out against the systems that enable and perpetuate sexual harassment.

By standing in solidarity with us, you demonstrate that you:

  • Believe and stand with the survivors of sexual harassment that have come forward

  • Recognize and support those survivors that do not feel safe or comfortable coming forward publicly

  • Are an ally in the fight for safety, accountability, and transparency

Even if you are not attending SSWR, you can be a voice in the movement and join with SSWR members in:

Wearing an "I Am Student X" lapel pin. Email to purchase for $5 during your course this semester.

Using this "I Am Student X" disclosure slide before your lectures in classes.

Joining with us on social media with #IAMSTUDENTX and our social media toolkit.

Distributing our "Who is Student X" flyer in classes.

Share our website and read our history of action.

WEAR BLACK on Friday January 12th, 2018 to class, field agencies, presentations and receptions at SSWR or create your own day for everyone to join in on the movement to raise awareness.

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