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Belcher and Tice Published in the Journal of Progressive Human Services - "The Great Recession

John Belcher

SSW Professor John Belcher and Professor and Associate Dean of the BSW Program at UMBC Carolyn Tice co-authored the recently published article, "The Great Recession of 2007: An Agenda for Social Justice." The article appears in the most current issue of the Journal of Progressive Human Services.

ABSTRACT: The Great Recession, the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression, officially began in December 2007 with an 8 trillion dollar housing bubble and lasted until June 2009, resulting in loss in consumer spending and collapse in the nation’s business investment. For American workers, the Great Recession had far-reaching implications: unemployment, underemployment, pay cuts, and cutbacks in household spending. Although social work has a historical commitment to address the vulnerabilities of people and communities, we argue that the profession neglected to understand fully the factors associated with the Great Recession and to mount an agenda for justice in response to its worker-related impact.

CITATION: Belcher, J.R., & Tice, C. (2017). The Great Recession of 2007: An agenda for social justice. Journal of Progressive Human Services: Radical Thought and Praxis, 00(00), 1-12

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