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PhD Student Mattocks Published in Social Work

Nicole Mattocks, a PhD student and graduate research assistant at the School, had her research article "Social Action among Social Work Practitioners: Examining the Micro–Macro Divide," published in the journal Social Work.

ABSTRACT: Social work is a profession that seeks to enhance the well-being of all people and promote social justice and social change through a range of activities, such as direct practice, community organizing, social and political action, and policy development. However, the current literature suggests that the profession’s focus on social justice and social action are weakening, replaced by individualism and therapeutic interventions. This article examines data derived from a survey of 188 National Association of Social Workers members from Maryland; Virginia; and Washington, DC, to explore levels of social action participation among social workers and determine whether identifying as a macro-level practitioner would predict higher levels of social action activity compared with being a micro-level practitioner. Findings indicate that social workers in this sample engage in only a moderate level of social action behavior. In addition, identifying oneself as a mezzo- or macro-level practitioner predicts increased frequency of social action behavior. Implications include emphasizing the importance of social action in schools of social work and practice settings and adequately preparing social work professionals to engage in social action.

CITATION: Mattocks, N. O. (in press). Social Action among Social Work Practitioners: Examining the Micro–Macro Divide. Social Work, doi: 10.1093/sw/swx057

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