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Profile of the Social Work Workforce

In 2016, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), in partnership with the Social Work Leadership Roundtable, launched data collection for the first social work workforce study in more than 10 years--the recently published Profile of the Social Work Workforce.

This important study was facilitated by SSW Dean Richard Barth, in his role of the President of AASWSW, alumni of the UM SSW (whose general support of the SSW helped provide incentives for respondents) and the important engagement and responsiveness of UMSSW students who participated in focus groups with the survey developer and completed surveys. These findings, combined with follow up data, will clarify the many ways that social workers participate in the labor market that are not now captured by the US Department of Labor and will also indicate trends in hiring of social work graduates with Macro and Clinical preparation.

There is also more background information on the initiative at this page:

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