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Today at Noon: Viewing and Discussion - Race: The Power of an Illusion (Part 2)

Monday, November 13, noon to 2pm Room 2e14 Join a viewing and discussion of "The Stories We Tell" - the second part in the series Race: The Power of an Illusion. It's true that race has always been with us, right? Wrong. Ancient peoples stigmatized "others" on the grounds of language, custom, class, and especially religion, but they did not sort people according to physical differences. It turns out that the concept of race is a recent invention, only a few hundred years old, and the history and evolution of the idea are deeply tied to the development of the U.S. "The Story We Tell" traces the origins of the racial idea to the European conquest of the New World and to the American slave system - the first ever where all the slaves shared similar physical traits and a common ancestry.

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