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Help Establish an Interprofessional Student-Run Free Clinic at UMB

My name is Tim Rodriggs, I am a second-year medical student, and I am looking for School of Social Work students to help establish an interprofessional, student-run free clinic to serve the needs of the West Baltimore community. This endeavor is led by an interprofessional committee currently composed of UMB students from the Dentistry, Graduate, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy schools. We are hoping students from the School of Social Work will lend their expertise and join us in establishing this clinic. The committee members will work to gain approval for the creation of this clinic both from their respective school leadership, as well as from the overarching university leadership. The committee members will also be responsible for all logistical aspects of designing and implementing their respective branches of this clinic. The goals of this clinic are to: 1. Provide basic preventative health services, counseling, management, and legal assistance to the West Baltimore community 2. Connect underserved West Baltimore community members to existing providers, insurance, and assistance networks. 3. Provide an opportunity for UMB students in all schools to learn clinical care under faculty supervision in a setting that focuses on interprofessional collaboration. Attached is a flyer that concisely shares the vision of this clinic. If you are passionate about caring for the underserved and feel that you can commit to making this interprofessional student-run free clinic a reality, please submit an application to the following link: If you have any questions at all please reach out to me at, or Thank you!

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