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Lehing and Davitt Published in Social Work Research: Social Work and Aging in Place: A Scoping Revie

School of Social Work Assistant Professor Amanda Lehning and Associate Professor Joan Davitt's research article "Social Work and Aging in Place: A Scoping Review of the Literature," has been published in Social Work Research. Co-authors include Emily Joy Nicklett and Hilary Wiseman.

ABSTRACT Aging in place (AIP) has become a major focus of aging policies, programs, and scholarship in recent years. This article presents a scoping review of the social work literature on AIP. Based on predefined eligibility criteria, the authors identified 22 empirical articles published between 1980 and 2014. Many of these studies focused on settings that are particularly relevant to gerontological social work practice, including congregate housing alternatives to nursing homes, grassroots and volunteer-run organizations, and agency-based programs. The majority of the studies examined in this scoping review presented AIP as a rationale for the study, but very few examined AIP as a predictor or outcome of interest. As this body of research is still in its early stages, many of the articles are descriptive rather than analytical in nature. This is a necessary first step in the development of research to inform policies and programs to promote AIP. The authors conclude with recommendations for further advancement in this area of research, including the potential for social work scholars and practitioners to examine and address inequities in opportunities for older adults to age in place.

CITATION Lehning, A. J., Nicklett, E. J., Davitt, J., & Wiseman, H. (2017). Social Work and Aging in Place: A Scoping Review of the Literature. Social Work Research, 1-12. doi: 10.1093/swr/svx018

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