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Lessons from October for Health and Health Care

Monday, October 30, at 6:00PM in the UMSSW Auditorium Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator of Labor for a Single Payer and long-time union organizer will discuss the lessons from the Russian Revolution for health and health care. This is the first event in the "Lessons from October" series. In October 1917 the people of Russia overturned the rule of their despots and began to establish a new society. The founding principles of the Russian Revolution were that the economy should be organized to meet everyone's needs, not to secure profits; democracy should be incorporated in the workplace, as well as in the government; cooperation should replace competition as the basis of human relations; and minorities should gain self-determination. 100 years later, join us for a series of events on “The Lessons from October” to discuss what we can learn from the Russian Revolution concerning our quest for social justice.

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