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Westgate presents at the Inaugural Post-Acute Care Integration Summit

Clinical Instructor Susan C. Westgate, presented at the Inaugural Post-Acute Care Integration Summit in Alexandria, VA, sponsored by the World Congress. Westgate was one of four health care experts selected to participate in a panel discussion entitled: Evolve the Post-Acute Care Value Proposition – Where Are Providers Today and What Capabilities are on the Horizon? The goal of this panel was to discuss a variety of post-acute topics ranging from the value proposition of post-acute care; to emergent quality priorities and initiatives within the health care industry; to how post-acute providers can be instrumental in enhancing the social and clinical outcomes of patients. Westgate highlighted the need for providers and payers to conceptualize new analytical models that factor in the significant impact of the social determinants of health. Westgate also advocated that traditional market-based competition within the health care sector is not necessarily conducive to overall clinical transformation, and instead suggested that data transparency and new mediums of resource sharing and collaboration could hold greater promise for reforming the nature of the industry at large.

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