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Professor Greif Discusses Couples and their Friendships on "Psych Up Live" Podcast

In the podcast titled "Psych Up Live" Professor Geoffrey Greif, discusses, Two Plus Two: Couples and their Couple Relationships, a book he co-authored with Dr. Kathleen Holtz Deal, which is the first book to explore the meaning of couples’ friendships with other couples.

Drawing upon research with 400 couples, Dr. Greif reports on findings and invites listeners to consider whether they are Seekers, Keepers or Nesters? Who are their couple friends? Do their couple friendships impact their relationship in a positive or negative way? Do couple friendships change over the course of a couple’s marriage? How do couples balance the demands on their time with couple friends? What does it mean if a couple mostly has separate friendships? Do men and women value couple friendships in different ways? What happens when a couple’s couple friends break up?

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