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Maryland Communities United: Organizing Our Neighbors for Justice

Maryland Communities United is a grassroots, membership organization of low to moderate income individuals and families in Maryland. They have been working in public housing, schools (including Renaissance Academy), and marginalized communities around voting rights, access to addiction treatment, better education, police brutality, and a living wage. The mission of Communities United is to build power and win transformative change for social, economic, and environmental justice. In partnership with labor unions, community organizations, faith-based organizations, and many others, they are developing leaders and addressing our most important social problems. On Wednesday, October 18, at 6:00PM in the SSW Auditorium, public housing tenants and other Community United leaders will be teaching us about building power for social change. Join us for an inspiring dialogue. The entire SSW community is invited to join the Wednesday evening SOWK 631 classes - light refreshments available prior to the event; please contact Jeff Singer at for additional information.

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