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Rising Baltimore: Managing Tensions in Communities - October 23 @ SOL

The Center for Global Education Initiatives, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Graduate School invite you to a lecture by Professor, the Lord Alderdice, FRCPsych, House of Lords, United Kingdom. President Jay Perman will moderate a conversation with the Lord Alderdice following his lecture.

Building Cohesion in Deeply Divided Societies: “Are deeply divided societies, particularly those where relations have broken down into violence, doomed to have endlessly bad relationships or is it possible to realistically envisage a process of resolution resulting in greater cohesion and communal reconciliation? If it is possible, why are there so few examples, even where community leaders have tried to follow 'best practice models'?”

A member of the UK House of Lords and a University of Maryland School of Medicine Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, Lord Alderdice has been involved in the Irish Peace Process for the last thirty years as a political activist, party leader, and negotiator as well as a civil society leader, academic thinker and analyst. His work challenges deeply held views of the role of law, religion and culture in community distress and community reconciliation. Alderdice has taken his explorations and interventions to many areas of conflict around the globe beyond Northern Ireland. Alderdice looks forward to returning to Baltimore where he has advised local organizations including the city police department.

October 23, 5 p.m.

Westminster Hall

Maryland Carey Law

500 W. Baltimore Street

Open to the public

Wine and cheese reception to follow

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