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Kirwan Commission meets at Poly Oct 12 to make recommendations for Baltimore City education funding

Join the Anti-Oppression Workgroup (AOWG) in standing up for adequate and equitable education funding at the Kirwan Commission Public Hearing at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute on October 12 at 5 PM! The Kirwan Commission is tasked with making a recommendation for the Baltimore City Public Schools funding formula by the end of the year. At this public hearing, parents, students, teachers and community leaders will testify before the Commission to advocate for adequate funding. As social workers, we have a duty to (1) recognize that Baltimore's lack of school funding is a result of structural racism and (2) take action to change those structures to give students an equitable opportunity to succeed! Please see the attached flyers (1) and (2) for more information. Please share the attached documents with your networks.

AOWG is supporting the work of SSW students Liz Hoey and Maureen Walker at Strong City Baltimore and Nicole Olcese at ALCU MD. Both organizations are members of the Baltimore Education Coalition.

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