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UM School of Law Continuing Conversations: Confederate Monuments, Residential Segregation, and the H

We are excited to announce the next installment of our Continuing Conversations on current issues facing our nation and community: Confederate Monuments, Residential Segregation, and the History of Race in Baltimore City. This is the third in a series of events offered to address core issues of concern to our community and beyond regarding the legacy and ongoing effects of a history of racial discrimination that has been present in our country since its founding.

The program will include presentations by Professors Larry Gibson and Garrett Power, both of whom are historians and experts on discrimination and civil rights in Baltimore. Professor Gibson will speak on the history of confederate monuments in our city, and Professor Power will address Baltimore’s history of residential segregation. There will be time for questions and comments after their remarks.

This event is open to everyone.

Where: School of Law Room 108

When: Monday, September 25

12:00 p.m.—1:00 p.m.

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