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Maryland's Department of Human Resources Helps Fund Family Connections at the SSW

The School of Social Work is proud to announce nearly $200,000 in support for its Family Connections program from Maryland's Department of Human Services.

The purpose of this funding is to serve families and their children who reside in West Baltimore as well as grandparent-headed households and their children residing in Baltimore City. This program also includes Trauma Adapted Family Connections for those families who indicate an elevated level of trauma symptoms and desire to participate in the trauma practice- informed model. Funding supports in-home clinical activities for 65 families in Baltimore City and includes costs associated with completing the clinical assessments, providing family services, conducting groups, program operations, and costs associated with staff and interns providing in-home services. Additional services provided by the program include multi-family events, groups for children and caregivers, and joining with community partners to advocate for services for the families we serve.

Since 2002, the Maryland Department of Human Resources Social Services Administration has provided funding to support the operations of Family Connections.

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